Top Three Skin Care Routines to Renew Your Skin at Night

Scientific studies have shown that our skin goes through a three-step process of renewal. Within this cycle, the dead cells on our skin’s surface are replaced by new ones.

This natural process is called as epidermis regeneration, which normally takes place every 28 days in young men and women but it may vary among individuals depending on various factors.

Here are three skincare routines to renew your skin

  1. Sleep Is Essential!

We spend so much time and money trying to add moisture into our bodies and diets only to go ahead and steal most of it by not getting enough sleep. If you want to look younger, get 8 hours of beauty sleep every night. Less than 4 hours each night means you’ll age 10 years faster! When resting, repairs are made on damaged skin cells so new ones can grow effectively.

  1. Remove Makeup before Bedtime

Skip this step and your skin will suffer for it overnight. A buildup of dirt and makeup during sleep causes whiteheads to form around your hair follicles. If you use lots of makeup or live in an area where smog is present then twice a day cleansing is recommended.

You can mix honey with lemon juice to make a facial cleanser paste that will gently remove makeup and dead skin cells. If your skin is on the oily side, try using a light scrub once a week to get rid of excess build up around your face.

  1. Use a Facial Steam with Eucalyptus to Reduce Pimples

Cold weather makes our body produce more oil. That’s why when winter ends, pimples usually go away as new ones replace them due to our bodies overcompensating for lack of moisture in the air. To kill acne causing bacteria, pop open a eucalyptus-infused steam and inhale from a bowl or towel for 1 minute. It’s best to use this method in the morning because it can cause dizziness.

Final Words

This skincare routine should be done every night before bedtime to see results within a few months. Any new spots will be reduced in size and redness, blemishes will heal faster. Your complexion will look more youthful.